Kentucky Soybean Board

The Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board invests checkoff dollars to create opportunities for increased profitability.

KSPB board members are appointed – four by KSA, two by Kentucky Farm Bureau and one by the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture. The Kentucky representatives who serve on the United Soybean Board and the American Soybean Association Boards are also members of the KSPB by virtue of those positions.

KSPB is funded by soybean farmers’ checkoff dollars, and the board serves as stewards of those funds, investing in research and new uses, promoting animal agriculture, discovering and promoting new uses for soy-based products and helping educate the public, thus keeping soybeans as a top-of-mind commodity with consumers.

Board members are not designated by geographic region, but are selected/appointed on a statewide basis.

Kentucky Farmer-Leaders: Anyone interested in being nominated to serve as the Kentucky representative to the United Soybean Board may email